Maisha Jackson with her favorite salesperson, granddaughter Desi

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a new series of Spotlights shined on graduates of the PhillyiHub. This free business training program, coordinated by Mt. Airy CDC, provides participants with a framework that helps them build on strengths and address weaknesses. With the PhillyiHub Spotlight, we’ll check in with folks who’ve completed the program and see how far they’ve traveled since then. 

Maisha Jackson

When did you complete the PhillyiHub?
Winter 2020

What is the name of your business?
Maisha Jackson Design

Maisha at the graduation ceremony for PhillyiHub’s Winter 2020 cohort, the last one before the pandemic moved the course online. She’s joined by PhillyiHub coordinator Aaron Crump (left) and course instructor David Simons (right).

Tell us about your business concept:
My business provides beautiful and practical bags, masks and accessories that make the customer smile.

How did you hear about PhillyiHub?
Neighborhood drum

How did the PhillyiHub impact your business concept?
The class helped me organize and prioritize development stages. It was very good for my business and me. Instruction was tight, thorough and addressed the points critical to small business start up or expansion. The most important benefit for me was the camaraderie, encouragement and support from other people in the class. It was truly inspiring to learn with so many enthusiastic people who have unique ideas, determination, hope and vision.

At what stage would you describe your business now?
Since the class, I have reorganized my craft business, overcome my fear of photography, launched a professional-looking Etsy shop, and made some online sales. I am looking forward to doing more!

What advice do you have for incoming PhillyiHub students?
Get the most out of your classes, be open, ask questions, and share concerns.

Visit Maisha Jackson Design on Etsy.

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