Mt. Airy has reason to be proud of many things, and political action is certainly among them. Voter turnout is always very high in the Northwest, so chances are you were already looking forward to voting in the May primary. Make that the June primary now, as Pennsylvania has pushed the date back, accommodating for COVID-19 protocols.

The key dates coming up:

UPDATE: May 14: As expected, the number of polling places across the city has been reduced — by 78%. Find yours here. This consolidation of polling places creates the possibility of long waits and crowded spaces in a time when we must continue physical distancing. We strongly recommend that you apply for a mail-in ballot.

Voting by mail works well, including in five states – Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Utah – that already conduct ALL their voting by mail. This story at The Hill profiles Oregon, which has conducted all its elections via mail since 1998.

But it’s voting, so naturally, the choice is yours. For best results, stay educated, and stay active.

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