When did you complete PhillyiHub?
January 2021

Your name?
Chrissy Watts

Your business name?
Philly Experiences LLC

Philly Experiences LLC is a hood experience brand changing how all cultures support Black & LGBTQIA businesses, mental health, culture and voices in the hoods, ghettos, and traps in Philly with day, night, and virtual experiences.

Heyyy Chrissy

How did you hear about PhillyiHub? What inspired you to sign up?
I was referred to PhillyiHub through Moneek from Artrageous Brush & Flow. I joined because it felt right and cost me only the time I had to learn.

At what stage would you say your business was at pre-PhillyiHub?

At what stage would you describe your business now?

How did the PhillyiHub impact your business concept?
My business concept has been impacted by implementing the many simple tips that were explained in plain English with real examples — which is my fave style of digesting info and learning.

Please share a few sentences about the steps you’ve taken on your business since completing the PhillyiHub and where you are now.
I have actually created a notebook with the customer personas I was overwhelmed with creating before this group, my “why”, and great actionable tips for finding and marketing directly to my target market(s).

Please share any other outcomes that make you proud.
My social media engagement has increased.

Where can we find more information about your business?
IG @phillyexperiences or phillyexperiences.com

What advice do you have for incoming PhillyiHub students?
Take lots of notes of how the information provided directly affects your business as soon as you hear it… trust me I learned the hard way. Ask direct questions and definitely get a copy of your class recording.

Do you have any other programs or resources you’d like to share?
I just CH since graduating and it has been phenomenal in confirming and continuing the class tips plus it’s a fantastic way to attract guests in your pajamas for those who are nervous going LIVE like I am.

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