In early June, the PhillyiHub graduated its first cohort of the Zoom era — a testament to adaptation through a pandemic, civil unrest, and a new look on life. Effective today, applications are open for the next cohort, beginning on Monday, August 10th

The iHub, a free, six-week business training program coordinated by Mt. Airy CDC, provides a visual framework for aspiring businesspersons and entrepreneurs to identify strengths and weaknesses in their business models. The course uses the Business Model Canvas to help students better understand their financing, marketing, operations and more. The program also includes a free credit check and one-on-one session with an accredited credit and budget counselor from Mt. Airy CDC.

Planning a business with peers in the Zoom era

This graduating cohort was originally scheduled to begin in March at the usual Work Mt. Airy location, but as COVID-19 forced all walks of life to adapt to a new way, PhillyiHub adapted with it. Aaron Crump, the program’s facilitator, took the challenge in stride and ensured the program would continue with a new look. “Our transition to Zoom was met with minimal hiccups,” he said. “And David is already positioned for the digital world, so he helped make it as seamless as possible.” 

David is David Simons, the PhillyiHub course instructor and president of Kingdom Social Media. Through their collaboration, Aaron and David have now completed six cohorts of students since the program relaunched in 2018. 

The next one will begin on Monday, August 10th, and run for six weeks on successive Mondays, with a break for Labor Day. If you’re in the early stages of building a business, or you’re more established but welcome self analysis, apply now for PhillyiHub.



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