PhillyiHub instructor David Simons works with student Itisha Precia in the Fall 2018 cohort

My name is David D. Simons and I have had the pleasurable experience of teaching the PhillyiHub cohorts for the last few years. I enjoy teaching in general, and although I run a digital marketing agency called Kingdom Social Media, for most of the day in my spare time I teach. 

There is something beautiful when someone’s mind is sparked to a new revelation or an epiphany of something they’ve never considered or imagined. Working with the PhillyIHub has been great and the eager students who are looking to learn from the Business Model Canvas course make the experience even better. 

David Simons, Founder & CEO of Kingdom Social Media, instructor of PhillyiHub

We’ve had all types of businesses come in and gain value from the course. Students also benefit from the connections that are made in the cohorts. My tag team partner Aaron Crump, Mt. Airy CDC’s PhillyiHub and Business Services Coordinator, does an amazing job of selecting the right group of people from the applicants to make sure that the culture and atmosphere of each cohort creates a lasting experience for all those who come. Aaron also makes sure all the students have everything they need so everyone feels comfortable and supported.

I teach quite a bit at many places, and I must say that teaching at the PhillyiHub is one of the most rewarding experiences — because I am surrounded by people who truly value the knowledge they are receiving and are eager to apply it, not just hear it. I am also an adjunct professor at a few universities and the difference between teaching there and teaching with PhillyiHub is that a majority of students in universities learn so they can get a good grade, while those at the iHub are learning so they can apply the principles and concepts toward growing a successful business. When your intent to learn is for immediate application to your life, you are more hungry for the information — which therefore creates a rewarding experience for the instructor sharing the information. 

Thank you Mt. Airy CDC for having me on board and making my experience a delightful and awesome one! 

P.S: Shameless plug: Make sure you apply for the next cohort, as seats will fill up fast! (I can’t help it I am a Marketer lol)

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