When did you complete PhillyiHub?
Summer 2021

She boxes too.

Your name?
Rochelle Brenner

Your business name?
Action Karate Mt. Airy

Tell us about your business.
Action Karate is character building martial arts for kids and adults

How did you hear about PhillyiHub? What inspired you to sign up?
Ann Turner and (Mt. Airy CDC Business Association Manager) Aggie Edwards recommended it.

At what stage would you say your business was at pre-PhillyiHub?

At what stage would you describe your business now?

How did the PhillyiHub impact your business concept?
Expanded and built on some growth ideas.

Please share a few sentences about the steps you’ve taken on your business since completing the PhillyiHub and where you are now.
I developed an additional revenue stream and attempted to market it, and it is beginning to generate strong leads.

Please share any other outcomes that make you proud.
I like being part of the Philly business community and hope for success for all my classmates.

Where can we find more information about your business?

What advice do you have for incoming PhillyiHub students?
Take one step every day of the class to make sure you apply what you learned. You can’t wait until the class is over.

Do you have any other programs or resources you’d like to share?
Facebook.com Active Balance.

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