Maria Lopez leads a Saturday morning class at Lovett Park

If you have passed by Lovett Park from 10–11am on a Saturday this summer, then you’ve probably encountered Yoga 4 Philly’s weekly Yoga in the Park series. The event, which is free (donations are welcome!), is the brainchild of Steven Brice, Yoga 4 Philly. 

Yoga 4 Philly CEO Steven Brice wants to make yoga and wellness accessible to people of all incomes

Brice’s journey into yoga is a bit of a personal redemption story. “I was in a dark place in my life—the beginning of my dark knight of the soul, and I needed to incorporate something in life to help me manage my current reality,” he says. 

He heard an interview discussing yoga and the vegan lifestyle and something clicked. After incorporating yoga and a plant-based diet into his life, his feeling of wellbeing kickstarted a passion to share the importance of self-care and self-awareness with others, and at an affordable rate. 

Yoga in the Park meets that goal by being free, but welcomes donations at any level. “Yoga, meditation, and wellness should be accessible to everyone,” Brice says, observing that these are fields typically associated with upper economic classes. 

The classes themselves are instructed by Maria Lopez, RYT200 (registered yoga teacher with over 200 hours training), on Saturdays at 10am from June 14th through September 7th. (See the full calendar HERE.)

Brice, who will soon expand the Yoga 4 Philly program to work with the Valley Forge Military Academy and College, keeps a close reminder with him: “Every breath that you take is a reminder that you are loved, supported, and a gift to the world. Share you before you die.” 

* * * 

To learn more about Yoga 4 Philly, check them out on Instagram and Facebook at @yoga4philly. To help support them in their growth, visit their Go Fund Me.

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