Blighted properties hurt the fabric of our neighborhood and can adversely affect their neighbors’ property values.

Mt. Airy CDC works with the respective Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) to identify blighted properties and determine their candidacy for Pennsylvania’s Act 135: The Blighted and Abandoned Property Conservatorship Act of 2008.

Act 135 provides neighbors, businesses, and nonprofit organizations with a mechanism to address blighted properties by petitioning the court for the appointment of a conservator. If appointed by the court, the conservator then takes responsibility for rehabilitating and selling the property. The costs incurred through legal and construction fees are deducted from the sale of the property. In short, the conservator works with neighbors through the legal system to replace a blighted space with one reactivated and populated by new residents.


To report a vacant and blighted property, send an email to with the property address, how long it has been vacant, why you believe it is blighted, and how long it has been in this condition.

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