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Neighborhood Retail & Commerce

While the Mt. Airy 2025 study area has over 11,300 residents who participate in the labor force, it has only 2,200 jobs, primarily in nursing, education, and retail.

Mt. Airy is chiefly a bedroom community, so the main economic development concerns are in adding to the range and quality of retail goods and services available in the neighborhood. As of 2016, there are 144 retail businesses located within Mt. Airy.

2025 Strategies

  1. Convene a Neighborhood Retail Task Force and recruit additional partners.
  2. Diversify range of goods & services in Mt. Airy that meet the everyday needs of Mt. Airy residents.
  3. Upgrade conditions on commercial corridors: 6300–6700 blocks of Germantown Avenue and Chew Avenue.
  4. Improve neighborhood infrastructure along commercial corridors and surrounding residential areas including parking and pedestrian environments.
  5. Supported and facilitate expanded entrepreneurship.
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