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Homes & Housing

The housing stock in Mt. Airy is considered one of its greatest assets. In the Resident Survey, nearly 60% of the respondents said their “house or apartment” is the best thing about living in Mt. Airy—far surpassing all other answers.

Despite signs of a strong residential market in certain sections of the neighborhood, there are ongoing concerns with home foreclosures, absentee landlords, and deferred maintenance. In order to preserve the legacy of inclusion and diversity that Mt. Airy identifies as a defining characteristic, a comprehensive strategy must be implemented to expand housing options for all its residents and to improve the quality of older housing stock.

2025 Strategies

  • Create development plan/model for focus area; look for ways to maintain housing affordability within the neighborhood by engaging key block residents, political leadership, and City agencies, and prepare recommendations on redevelopment scenarios.
  • Educate and support prospective and current homeowners.
  • Participate in city, regional, and state level policy discussions and programs involving housing.
  • Manage the flow of housing production and rehabilitation in the neighborhood to preserve diversity and affordability; work with local partners and residents to create a plan for rehabilitation of old homes and new infill housing development on specific blocks of the neighborhood.
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