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Healthy Aging

From 2000 to 2013, older adults that are near retirement age (55 to 64 years old) experienced the biggest population increase in the study area.

The percentage of retired individuals in Mt. Airy is likely to increase rapidly in the next five to ten years. The four strategies detailed here focus on identifying the resources currently available to seniors and creating a sustainable approach to providing effective care.

2025 Strategies

  1. Research the needs of seniors and provide the mechanism to deliver these services through a Senior Hub.
  2. Develop an online marketplace to match housing needs with surplus space in homes occupied by seniors.
  3. Research the needs of seniors and build a hub reflective of these needs.
  4. Expand and publicize residential options for seniors, assisting seniors maintain and/or modify their current homes, and advocate for the construction of new housing units that meet the needs of the growing senior population.
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