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Early Childhood Education

Improving neighborhood schools, both in terms of quality of education and in general perception, is a top priority action item. Mt. Airy CDC partnered with East Mt. Airy Neighbors and West Mt. Airy Neighbors to form the Mt. Airy Schools Coalition.

While there are plenty of spots available at local preschools and daycare facilities, there is a shortage of high-quality centers as defined by the Keystone STARS rating system. Mt. Airy 2025 calls for the vital need to improve the quality of early childhood education opportunities so that children are ready to successfully transition from preschool to kindergarten.

2025 Strategies

  1. Continue activities outlined under Mt. Airy Schools Coalition Strategic Plan.
  2. Convene an Early Childhood Education Task Force and recruit additional partners.
  3. Determine needs of early childhood learning system in Mt. Airy target area.
  4. Turn existing connections between early childhood and elementary schools into a network.
  5. Build peer-to-peer network in target area.
  6. Create special interest coalition to advocate for additional resources and to empower parents affected by the lack of quality early education services.
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