Rebuild Cherashore


Cherashore Playground is a 5.2-acre site that includes a pool, sports fields, and tennis and basketball courts. It also features a three-room building with a computer room and multipurpose space. It’s located at 851 West Olney Avenue — a straight shot down Chew Avenue from Mt. Airy on the 18 bus, right next to Fern Rock Transportation Center. Visit the official Cherashore Facebook page HERE, and show the City Youth Association Gators (who call Cherashore home) some love HERE. Mt. Airy CDC was selected as a Rebuild Project User in 2017 and awarded the Cherashore project in 2019.


Rebuild is the City of Philadelphia’s commitment to, and investment in, the critical network of playgrounds, rec centers, libraries, and green spaces that serve the people in our city of neighborhoods. Rebuild was made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax and aims to make improvements on these facilities, promote diversity and economic inclusion, and engage with the communities the places serve. Learn more HERE.


Community engagement for the Rebuild Cherashore project kicked off in April 2022 with a survey mailed to near neighbors.  Additional surveys will be conducted onsite in the coming months, and a schedule of public meetings will be announced here once the design process is underway.  Help us get started by taking the survey below if you haven’t completed it already:


A landscape architecture contract is available to work with Mt Airy CDC on the Cherashore Playground project. Click the link below for qualifications and full details.


  • Stay tuned for upcoming events!